Financial Document Repository

Access to deposit accounts, Form 400 invoices, and supporting documents

Web Site Update

The Financial Document Repository web site has been updated to match the branding of the updated web site.

The main changes that users will notice include:
  -  Branding to match the new web site
  -  Navigation moved from the left side to a horizontal bar across the top
  -  Responsive design, which includes a hamburger menu in the top right when viewing on mobile devices or when your browser window is not as wide as the navigation buttons

All documents and functionality that are available on the current site will be available in the updated site.

The Government Publishing Office's Financial Document Repository provides GPO's Federal agency customers access to the following:

  • Printing and Binding Deposit Account transactions and balances
  • Form 400 Invoices for their Intra-governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) and Non-IPAC transactions
  • Standard Form 1 documents that they have submitted to GPO for procured orders

For detailed information on what is available on this site, click on Deposit Accounts or Form 400/SF-1 above and select Frequently Asked Questions.

For information on how to get access to the system, click on the Register link above.


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