Frequently Asked Questions (Form 400)

Form 400 (Invoices)

What benefits does the GPO Financial Document Repository offer my agency?

The Financial Document Repository will allow GPO customers to retrieve and view their digital GPO Form 400 (Invoices) in real-time, opposed to waiting for mail service, as well as:

  • Improved invoicing visibility 
  • Faster account reconciliation
  • Review historical invoices as far back as August 2012
  • Access SF-1 documents as far back as March 2015
  • Provide additional information to support charges
  • Shared access within an Agency
  • Improved communication between agency publishing/printing and finance business units
  • The option for customers to opt-out of receiving paper invoices

What is the GPO Form 400 (Invoice)?

The GPO Form 400 (Invoice) is the official invoice from GPO and provides customers with information to reconcile their Intra-governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) and Non-IPAC transactions. There are six different Form 400s depending on the payment method or the product being billed:

  • IPAC Summary
  • Invoice
  • Federal Register IPAC Summary
  • Federal Register Invoice
  • Code of Federal Regulations IPAC Summary
  • Code of Federal Regulations Invoice

What is the difference between IPAC Summary and Invoice type Form 400s?

  • IPAC Summary invoices are generate when payments are made through the Department of Treasury’s Intra-governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) system.
  • Invoice types are generated when the agency is to remit payment to GPO by methods other than IPAC.

What information do GPO Form 400s provide?

Form 400s provide information in a comprehensive format for GPO customers to reconcile their IPAC and non-IPAC invoices in a timely manner. They provide information GPO customers are accustomed to, along with providing additional key fields:

  • Treasury Account Symbol (TAS)
  • Business Event Type Code (BETC)
  • Reference Information, when applicable
  • Line of Accounting, when applicable

In general, the title description information is currently not captured in our billing system to display on all invoice types. However, the Code of Federal Regulations GPO Form 400 (Invoices) does provide the title and CFR part description. The Federal Register GPO Form 400 (Invoices) provides the Federal Register volume, the issue, and the page number of the article.

How far back can I retrieve GPO Form 400s?

The Financial Document Repository stores historical invoices as far back as August 2012. If you need an invoice prior to this time frame please contact the Financial Documents Repository Administrator at [email protected]

How often is the Financial Document Repository updated?

  • Intra-governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) Summary transaction are invoiced on the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th of each month and uploaded that evening. These dates may vary when dates fall on the weekend or holidays.
  • Non-IPAC transactions are invoiced and uploaded daily.

Will I still receive paper copies of the GPO Form 400s?

GPO is looking to go paperless in the near future but in the meantime agencies should still expect, for transactions collected through the Intragovernmental Payment and Collection (IPAC), the GPO Form 400 (Invoices) to be mailed to the address associated with the Agency Location Code (ALC) found on the Department of Treasury’s Shared Accounting Module (SAM). Non-IPAC GPO Form 400 (Invoices) are mailed to the address defined on the GPO Form 4046-Billing Address Code (BAC) Request. If you would like to receive your Form 400 (Invoices) only through the Financial Document Repository submit your “stop mail” request to the Financial Documents Repository Administrator at [email protected].

How do I sign up for the Financial Document Repository to view GPO Form 400 (Invoices) online?

Standard Form 1 (SF-1) Documents 

What is the Standard Form 1 (SF-1)?

The Standard Form 1 (SF-1) (Printing and Binding Requisition) serves as the official ordering document for any of the Government Publishing Offices (GPO) products or services in accordance with Title 44, U.S. Code, Title 44, Chapter 11, Section 1102, the form allows customers to communicate their requirements to the GPO and is a memorandum of understanding that obligations Federal funds to produce products or services. Ordering agencies must process in accordance with internal agency procedures including all internal funding approvals prior to placing the order.

When is the SF-1 used?

The SF-1 formally begins a project, product, or service from the GPO. It is required to:

  • Request individual (one-time) printing requirements
  • Request the establishment or renewal of a term contract
  • Place work on general usage term contracts
  • Establish a SPA

How far back can I retrieve the SF-1 documents?

The Financial Document Repository stores historical SF-1 documents as far back as March 2015. If you need SF-1 documents prior to this time frame please contact the Financial Documents Repository Administrator at [email protected].

What types of SF-1 documents do I find in the Financial Document Repository?

The Customer Services-Agency Procurement Teams (Central and Regional Offices) have been scanning and uploading SF-1 documents for single orders procured through their offices.

What types of SF-1 documents are not available to retrieve at this time?

The following SF-1 documents are not currently included in the Financial Document Repository: work produced in-house at GPO, SF-1s submitted that ride on another procured job, Fiscal Year open requisitions term contracts, and Fiscal Year open requisitions for publishing in the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations.

How often are the SF-1 documents uploaded?

SF-1 documents are typically uploaded in the Financial Document Repository approximately one week after the contract has been awarded. 

How do I sign up for the Financial Document Repository to view GPO Form 400 (Invoices) online?

Who do I contact if I can't find an SF-1 that I am looking for?

Contact the Form 400 (Invoices) and SF-1 Documents Administrator at [email protected]. For questions contact the Financial Document Repository Administrator at [email protected] or the Office of Finance, Customer Accounts Division at 202.512.0626 or via email at [email protected].